PTFE belts for vertical welding machine - 2 belts

PTFE sealing tape for welding. Ideal for replacing, after wear, the belts of our vertical packaging machines. Pack of 2 tapes.


Pieces per carton
Size / Capacity
37.5 cm x2 - width. 1.5 cm

Total budget

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PTFE sealing tape for welding is the ideal solution to replace the belts of your vertical packaging machines after wear. Designed to ensure safe and reliable welding, this high-quality tape ensures optimal sealing during the packaging process. Each pack contains 2 tapes, offering a practical and affordable solution for your business. Whether you run a food, pharmaceutical, or manufacturing company, our sealant tape helps keep your packaging line efficient and operational. Easily replace worn tapes and resume production without interruption. Rely on the quality of our welding sealant tape for excellent and long-lasting results.

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