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2024 Tax Contribution for Compostable Products: News and Advantages for Businesses

Discover the 2024 tax contribution for companies that purchase compostable products.
Get a tax credit of up to €10,000. See the official decree for more details.

Changes in Environmental Contributions for Packaging: Significant changes for paper and cardboard, but plastic remains unchanged

Conai makes significant changes to the Environmental Contributions for packaging.

Paper and cardboard see a drastic increase from 5 to 35 euros per tonne, while wood and glass fall to 7 and 15 euros per tonne respectively.

Plastic remains unchanged. These changes, which will enter into force on 1 October 2023, are motivated by market dynamics and the need to promote sustainability.

Polylaminate packaging will be adapted in contributions, while simplified procedures for importing full packages will be affected by these changes. The packaging industry is called upon to adopt eco-sustainable solutions to protect the environment and ensure a greener future.

Yogi: A customized packaging for the paradise of Artisan Granita

Yoghi, an artisan ice cream parlor specializing in granitas with over 24 flavors in Palermo, Sicily, partnered with to create complete packaging. The packaging has been designed to match Yoghi's image and brand, offering resistant, eco-friendly and practical solutions for the transport and consumption of slush. Partnering with Yogi has enabled to provide packaging solutions that reflect the authenticity of the company and enhance the customer experience.

MIPAAF: Non-repayable contributions for catering, pastry and ice cream parlors

The measure of the Mipaaf provides for the granting of a non-repayable contribution of up to 70% of the total eligible expenses and the maximum amount that can be granted of 30,000 euros, per person. The contributions provided for by the measure are granted under the de minimis Regulation.

Summer sales are coming with special ice cream parlors and cafeterias

Yes, even on the time has come to save with offers dedicated to the world of ice cream and coffee.

On this page we offer you all the promotions active on our site from 1 July to 31 July 2022.

Eco-incentives of Packaging-online: sustainability is important to us.

In recent years, the imperative to adopt greener strategies and achieve a circular economy in the food field has led governments to issue regulations to reduce food waste and turn towards the use of compostable or recyclable packaging (we talked about it here too).

Nana Burger: the art of barbecue packaged with style

Nana Burger is synonymous with quality of raw materials and attention to detail.
If you are looking for a gourmet burger, cooked to perfection according to the convivial art of barbecue and presented with passion in branded wrappers you can not help but discover this our customer. Switch to enjoy its menu near the station of La Spezia Centrale.

Poke Excuses: Hawaiian taste and exotic mood

If you pass by the parts of Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo or in any town in the Veneto you can not miss a stop at Poke Excuses to try one of the trends of the moment in terms of international cuisine and fast-food.