Become a packRESELLER

An exclusive program dedicated to resellers, offering a range of unique benefits.
You'll have access to reserved prices throughout the shop and create personalized quotes to deliver to your customers.

What is packRESELLER?

packRESELLER is an exclusive program dedicated to all retailers. It has created a unique opportunity for businesses. This program aims to offer you a series of special benefits such as the ability to see reserved prices throughout the shop or the opportunity to independently create a customized quote ready to be delivered to your customers.

Does your company fall into one of these categories?

If your company operates in the field of graphic agencies, packaging retailers, event agencies, or communication studios, you have the opportunity to join our network. This program has been specifically designed to support and collaborate with companies in these specific sectors. Take advantage of this opportunity to access all the reserved benefits and privileges.

Are discounts available for retailers?

Absolutely! By joining our packRESELLER program for free, you will be entitled to special discounts on all our items. We aim to provide retailers with the opportunity to benefit from reserved and affordable prices for the products we offer. Once registered as a packRESELLER, you will have access to a wide range of products at competitive prices that you can offer to your customers. To view reserved prices, simply log in to our website using your personal credentials.

How do I become a packRESELLER?

The process is extremely simple! To become a packRESELLER, all you need to do is register on our shop, fill out the account conversion form below, and attach your Chamber of Commerce registration.

Convert your account to packRESELLER

Fill out the form and attach your Chamber of Commerce registration. You will be converted within a few hours.