Clear Plastic PET Cups 250 cc compostable - neutral

Kristal PLA 250 cc compostable glasses - neutral

Disposable glasses in Kristal PLA 250 cc compostable. Neutral product, not customizable, made of PLA (polylactic acid, a polymer of the latest generation obtained from plant materials such as corn), compostable and disposable in the wet. Ideal for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cold drinks.


Pieces per carton
Size / Capacity
250 cc. ** (useful notch 0.2 L)

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3 €61.37 Up to €9.21
5 €61.37 Up to €18.41
7 €61.37 Up to €30.07
12 €61.37 Up to €66.28
15 €61.37 Up to €92.06
20 €61.37 Up to €147.29
30 €61.37 Up to €239.34

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About this article

The line of glasses in Kristal PLA Compostable is ecological and ideal for any type of activity. From pubs to discos, from bars to ice cream parlors, the glass is suitable to contain any type of cold drink. Whether they are milkshakes or spirits, it guarantees adequate resistance and a pleasant visual effect thanks to the transparency and brilliance of the material. The well-rounded edge, pleasant to the touch and to the eye, gives an additional security in use avoiding unpleasant inconveniences.

Thanks to its versatility and safety of use, the glass can be used for any type of need, from large and small events to commercial activities of any kind.

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