About Us

What we do

Packaging-Online.it is your new partner for customized packaging. You can make a quote for a personalized printing directly on our web-site for all the items of our catalogue: PET cups, tumblers, styrofoam, paper and plastic cups, all customizable with your brand identity. But also personalized ice-cream cups, personalized lunch boxes, personalized take-away boxes, personalized street-food packages, personalized shopping bags, packing machines and much more.

If you are searching for a reliable partner for your full packaging supply, customized or not, packaging-online.it is for you!

Drinking cups, ice-cream cups, paper towels and tablemats, napkins, ice-cream boxes, food paper cones, trays, cardboard boxes, thermo-boxes, baking cups, shopping bags etc..We can print all kind of packaging for your business: high quality and low time and production costs. Let’s try us!

Our benefits: low printing costs, for small and big circulation. Minimum quantity requested: 1 carton for some items. Fast delivery in 15 working days. Guaranteed products. Different methods of payment. 

Our business offers you printing services for every needs, thanks to advanced technologies and skilled factory workers.

Packaging-Online.it is your reliable partner for your personilized packaging. You can print with us your panettone boxes, nougat boxes, thermo-boxes for ice-cream, cake box, cake thermo-box, custom boxes.

Our design department can also design for you every kind of boxes for all your needs: graphic design is included.

For these reasons, packaging-online.it is easy, fast and convenient!

Our Company

Packaging-online.it is a trademark owned by Tecnobox s.r.l. with over 40 years experience in packaging, that pays a close attention to innovations and current regulations about food packaging, and in full compliance of these, the company produces and provides food containers, films and packing machines.

ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications guarantee to our clients the goods made by our company and delivered throughout the world. Our goods, when completed, obtain also certification in HACCP, to comply with the strictest safety standards as normal as happens in every point of sale and food production.

The research of certificated raw materials, qualifying examinations for food contact of our finished products, partnership with italian companies leaders in packaging industries take to Tecnobox opportunity to be your reliable partner for an advanced technology packaging and for its high quality products.

With three factories of 20.500 mq, Tecnobox s.r.l. shall provide to its clients graphic design services for their customized packaging.

All food contact materials, supplied by Tecnobox s.r.l., obtained a compliance certificate to the 1935/2004/CE and 10/2011CE regulations and make tracebility, in accordance with the 2005/79CE directive. 

The company handbook rules HACCP standards to protect manufacturing practices, such as GMP guide - Good Manufacturing Practices.

Tecnobox pays particular attentions to these rules: it subscribed all instructions and practices explained in the GMP and supervised by ASP Palermo (Health Inspector of Palermo).

According to the ASP rules, Health Inspector of Palermo, inspection visits and lectures were made for our production, handling and printing workmans to guarantee their suitability for job.