Boxes mod. SKOR bottom and lid in microwave cardboard - Neutral

The boxes mod. SKOR are neutral (without printing) and have a bottom and a lid in microwave cardboard suitable for contact with food. They are also perfect for packaging clothing such as shirts or pajamas. Their resistance makes them suitable for shipping and storing products, ensuring their integrity during transport.


Microwave cardboard
Pieces per carton
100 pcs
Size / Capacity
22x30x8 cm (base)
Box Size

Total budget

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The boxes mod. SKOR are neutral (without printing) and are a perfect solution for packaging food products and beyond.

Made of high quality microwave cardboard, the boxes are equipped with a resistant bottom and a lid that makes them perfect for the transport and storage of products of various kinds such as shirts, pajamas, but also foods such as pastries and much more.

Thanks to their robustness and quality material, the boxes guarantee maximum protection to the products inside them, keeping them away from shocks, dust and moisture.

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