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Medium french fries paper boxes 8+8x10 cm- Personalized

Customizable with your logo and/or brand identity up to 4 colors


Cardboard composed of
Size or capacity
8+8x10 cm

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Is a disposable, cardboard box with a wide opening to facilitate tasting of its contents. Used primarily for serving and taking fries, chicken stew, french fries, tempura, but also pop corn, biscuits and candy as well as snacks and snacks both sweet and salty, both hot and cold. It is born precisely to replace the classic gastronomy pansy. Its simple and original shape, reminiscent of the one used in famous fast food, is a good alternative to cones used for fries. These bowls are designed for eating recipes by stroll, also called street food or street food , ideal for containing french fries, but also popcorn, appetizers, snacks, or any of the most dry, sweet and salty preparations, both hot and cold.

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