Eco packaging and take away

On packaging-online you will find a line dedicated to gastronomy and pastry entirely in natural and ecological cardboard, customizable with your logo.

  • Boxes and cones for chips and fish

    Boxes and cones for chips, fish and nuggets

    On you will find many chip cone with dipping pocket, box for onion rings, croquettes and much more. Customizable with your graphics.

  • Sandwich and burger eco boxes

    Sandwich and hamburger boxes

    On you will find the packaging solutions for your sandwiches and your burgers. Customizable with your graphics.

  • Pizza boxes

    Eco Pizza boxes

    On you will find a range of eco pizza boxes for your pizzeria and restaurant. Customizable with your logo.

  • Ecological Containers for pasta and hot foods

    Ecological Containers for pasta and hot foods

    On Packaging-Online you'll find a wide range of Ecological Containers for pasta and hot foods with lid and ideal for take away. 

  • Sushi and sweeties boxes

    Sushi and sweeties boxes

    On packaging-online you will find a wide selection of ecological and elegant cardboard boxes to contain sushi, take-away salads but also suitable for the containment of biscuits, cakes and pastries thanks to the window on the lid.

  • Salad and fresh food boxes
  • Linea coordinata generica
  • Tray for plates to take away

    Tray for plates to take away

    On you will find our food and serving trays ideal for take-out on wheels or delivery in the direct hands of the customer for consumption in the room. Particularly suitable for events, with practical cup holder holes.

  • Customizable boxes for take away food

    Customizable boxes for take away food

    On you will find many solutions for taking away your products. Made in cardboard suitable for contact with food, they are all customizable with your logo and your graphics.

  • Street-food


    Carton packaging is ideal for street food or for take-away food both hot and cold. Elegant in design and personalized with your graphics

  • Salad and cold dishes


    ideal for containing fresh food. Practical and elegant, the trays also include the hermetically sealed transparent lid that can be personalized with your logo and graphics, ensuring adequate freshness and preservation of the food. In addition, with its anti-fog system your products will always remain well visible and appealing to customers.

  • Containers in PP


    The rigid white plastic trays for food are the right solution for the containment and storage of food. Plastic containers for foodstuffs are used in various sectors, among which they are particularly suitable for containing sea or land products or any food for which a rapid packaging is required.

  • Aluminium foil pans

    Aluminium foil pans

    Aluminium foil pans ideal for cook and store every kind of food.

  • Cardboard Trays

    Cardboard Trays

    Cardboard Trays, ideal for holding sandwiches, hot dogs. hamburgers, fried, sliced meat, fish or meat slices. The product can also be used as a practical dish for consumption  at the moment. 
    For take away, fast food, bistros, sandwich bars and delicatessen. 



    Container for sauces ideal for conserve and for take away every kinf of sauces

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