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Shopper Kraft havana mod. FLAT 32+18x37h cm - Neutral

The flat paper bag is ideal for food and takeaway, but also in the field of objects, cosmetics and clothing. Resistant, economical, eco-sustainable. The absence of a square bottom guarantees a minimum footprint.

Open dimensions: 32+18x37 cm

Closed envelope dimensions: 32+18x46 cm


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Size / Capacity
32+18x37 cm
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20 €46.71 Up to €112.10
30 €46.71 Up to €182.17

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About this article

The flat bag is ideal for packaging products to take away. Made of pure long fiber cellulose. This feature allows the paper to stretch before tearing and to safely carry up to 10/15 kg of goods, depending on the format chosen. The absence of the square bottom makes the bag adaptable to the goods that are inserted: the bottom is created when the object is placed, with the advantage of a smaller footprint both at the time of storage and during the use of the envelope. The great resistance from the Flat bag allows you to reuse it over and over again before it breaks. It has been estimated that on average it can be used 3-4 times more than a common paper bag. Moreover, being a very thin bag, it can be conveniently stored at home, in the car and also in a bag for subsequent use. The shape of the Flat bag makes it suitable for transporting various types of products: thanks to its tightness it can carry important amounts of weight and, thanks to the possibility of customizing the bag with its own brand, Flat is also used as a marketing and promotion tool.

Open dimensions: 32+18x37 cm

Closed envelope dimensions: 32+18x46 cm

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