Semi-automatic sleeve Sealing Shrink Packager ST6040Q + heater TBSE5045A

Heat sealer separated to the shrink tunnel. Ideal for packing bottles, boxes or cans.

Data sheet

Cardboard composed of
Delivery in
90 working days
Welding bar
L600xH400 mm
Machine dimensions
ST6040Z 175x100x200 cm - TBSE5045A 275x79x155 cm
Heater: 15 kW
Velocità di produzione
8-12 sets/min
Semi-automatic sleeve Sealing Shrink Packager ST6040Q + heater TBSE5045A
Tax excluded

Total : €8,500.00


ST6040Q+BSE6045A is suitable for wrapping of such prkducts as pop-top, mineral water, bottles beer, drinks etc without bottom-tyay(or with bottom-tray). Working with PE shrink tunnel to pack the goods perfectly. Double size fan carrying system ensur the perfect of sealing. Imported AC contractor, the temperature be controlled by automatic. Imported frequency converter, stepless speed regulating. Super cooling system to ensure the perfect shape of products quickly ofter shrinking.The control panel be operated with safe and simple. The imputing position can be adjustable precision base on the size of products. Up and down large power fan system to assure the excellent effect of shrinking in onetime.


Seal size: 600 x 400 h mm

Machine size: 115 x 91 x 186 cm


Tunnel size: 150 x 50 x 45 cm

Machine Size: 275 x 79 x 245 cm

Heater power: 15 KW

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