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Poly Bag Sealer Tape Dispenser

Perfect for food bags, storage bags, and various other applications. Durable metal frame. For tabletop use or can be mounted


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If your business bags items for sale or later use, this poly tape dispenser / bag sealer is a must-have tool that will improve efficiency and help your employees work faster! It is designed to take the guesswork and time out of individually cutting pieces of sealing tape so that you spend less time bagging and more time on other tasks.

This dispenser can be used on a wide range of bagged products. Seal bread bags, candy bags, package meat products, cotton candy, baked goods, ice - the list goes on. It is a great way to save time and effort compared to sealing the bags by hand.

A wide, sturdy base allows this bag sealer to remain upright and stay stable during use, no matter what you're sealing.

With this sealer, you don't have to fumble with zip ties or manually cut tape - it delivers consistent results with one-step operation.

This dispenser is designed to accommodate tape, when you need more, simply change it out for a new roll and keep on sealing!

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