Confezionatrice manuale - dispenser 550 mm

Manual packaging machine - dispenser 550 mm

Manual packaging machine - dispenser 550 mm. Stainless steel structure (AISI304). Rollers and rods in anodized aluminum. Heating surface adjustable by thermostat.


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The manual packaging machine - dispenser 550 mm is ideal for packaging foods such as meat, cheese, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables etc.; the dispensers offer a fast, safe and hygienic service in supermarkets, butchers and delicatessens and, in general, in all those places where food stretch film is used for the preservation and packaging of trays, containers and fresh food.

The practical system for carrying out the film, a hot cutting device and the special thermo-sealing plate allow to obtain a professional result and to make the most of the packaged product. The stainless steel structure (AISI304) allows you to clean the machine quickly and easily.

Rollers and rods are made of anodized aluminum.

The heating surface is adjustable by thermostat.


Place the tray on the stretch film, rotate the tray and wind it accordingly. Next make the film cut on the heated blade. Finally, place the tray for a few seconds on the heating plate and make the welding.

Compliant with CE regulations.

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