Macchina confezionatrice sottovuoto a campana TVM500

Vacuum chamber packaging machine TVM500 - pump 20 m³/h

Vacuum packaging machine with bench bell, in stainless steel (AISI 304), sealing bar 500 mm, pump 20 m³/h.


Pieces per carton
Production tolerance
+/- 15%

Total budget

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The TVM500 chamber vacuum packaging machine, with compact dimensions, limited consumption and a very short cycle time, is suitable both for the food sector and for technical articles.
The small tank and the vacuum pump with 20 m³/h capacity ensure high productivity.

The operation of vacuum chamber machines is very simple.
From the front panel it is possible to set:

- Vacuum time
Time during which the machine makes the vacuum in the chamber.
It is possible to adjust the time, then visually based on the vacuum gauge, to set the percentage of vacuum to be created in the chamber.

- Welding time
Time during which the machine welds the bag. It depends on the thickness, the type of bag and its contents.

- Pressure time
Time during which the bell remains closed, pressing on the welding of the bag.
This makes the welding more resistant.

Once these parameters have been set for the first time, the operator only needs to insert the bag into the bell and lower it.
The machine automatically vacuums
and welding.
It will open automatically at the end of the cycle to allow the operator to remove the vacuum bags.

Complies with CE regulations.

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