On you will find kraft paper or plastic bag for take away food, to customize with your design. Our paper bags are perfect for sandwiches and 

  • Paper bags


  • Polypropylene clear bag for food

    Polypropylene clear bag for food 

    On you will find many sizes of clear bag for food with side gusset bags. You can customize the bags with your graphic design up to 1 colour or choose our bags without customize or generic graphic design.

  • Foglietti HD e PP
  • Food vacuum bags


    On you can find smooth or embossed vacuum bags, for food and not, suitable for all sectors such as butchers, fruit and vegetables, industries, pasta factories, dairies, etc. as the great strength allows it to be used with all the packaging machines on the market.


    Trash bags

    On you will find different types of trash bags available in black and transparent. The packs for sale can also contain hundreds of pieces, ideal format for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other companies.

  • Glasses Cases - Thermoprinting 1 side

    Glasses Cases - Thermoprinting 1 side

    Glasses cases in white or black fabric. The product can be customized on 1 side in thermoprinting.

  • Paper bags with micro-perforated window

    Paper bags with micro-perforated window

    Paper bags with micro-perforated windows for bread available in several sizes both in white and in havana. The transparent micro-perforated PE window allows the transpiration of the product inside.

  • Buste Doypack

    Doypack envelopes 

    Doypack envelopes available in many sizes, materials and colors with euroforo and/or zip. Designed to seal the content, protect it from external agents and keep your product unaltered. Ideal for food products such as snacks, organic products, dried fruit and candies but also for cosmetic products.

  • Transparent micro-perforated envelopes

    Transparent micro-perforated envelopes

    Transparent micro-perforated envelopes, ideal for packaging bread, focaccia, vegetables and other food products. This product protects the food from external agents and guarantee its transpiration. It is available in many sizes.

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