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Anti-grease food paper Politenata 35 gr. white - logo 1/2 colors

Polythene paper ideal for meats, sandwiches cured meats to be customized to 1 color. Excellent for greasy foods.


Polythene anti-grease paper
Pieces per carton
Size / Capacity
Standard 75x100 cm

Product customization

  • 250 char. max

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About this article

Polythene paper of 35 gr + Pe with peculiar characteristics:

• Produced from virgin cellulose fibers and coupled by hot extrusion with low density polyethylene.

• Free from optical whiteners (chemicals used to improve the shine of paper).

• Excellent printability with water inks and full suitability for food contact.

• Tested in the laboratory to ensure the absence of ink migration between paper and food.

Polythene paper for food

Paper produced from virgin cellulose fibers, free from optical whiteners, smoothed, coupled by hot extrusion with low density polyethylene; equipped with particular characteristics, it is an excellent packaging to wrap fresh, fatty and wet food, total suitability for food contact.

You can choose a high degree of customization for your food paper: you can prefer a two-color or two-color print on a neutral background by choosing to print in the colors you indicated.< In addition, you have 3 different sizes available for your personalized food paper to better meet your needs:

• 75x100 cm: classic size for the sector.

• 50x75 cm • 50x37,5 cm

You can combine the different formats into 4 different mixes:

• 2.500 pcs. 75x100 cm

• 1.250 pcs. 75x100 cm / 2.500 pcs. 50x75 cm

• 2.500 pcs. 50x75 cm / 5.000 pcs. 37.5x50 cm

• 500 pcs. 75x100 cm / 2.000 pcs. 50x75 cm / 4.000 pcs. 37.5x50 cm

Possibility to make paper cuts according to your indication.

N.B. The production of paper is subject to a tolerance of +/- 15% of the quantity at the end of production, so at the end of production the quantity actually produced will be invoiced.

Don't have a graphic file? Don't worry, the graphic service is free and is included in your order. Find out more by contacting our pack-gurus at 02 30 45 1996.

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