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Poly-coated food paper 35 gr. white - 1/2 colours

Customize your food paper packaging, the packaging turns from a simple protective cover to a great advertising medium.


Politenized card
Cardboard composed of
100 kg - 75 x 100 cm
Size or capacity
Standard 75x100 cm

Product customization

  • 250 char. max

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30 €366.48 Up to €1,203.75

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Informazioni su questo articolo

35 gr poly-coated paper with special properties:

• 100% Natural, produced from virgin cellulose fibers.

• Free from optical whiteners (chemicals used to improve paper gloss).

• Excellent printability with water inks and full suitability for food contact.

• Head in the lab to ensure paper-to-food ink migration.

Personalised Polythene paper

You can choose a high degree of customisation for your food paper: you can opt for a one- or two-colour print on a neutral background by choosing to print in the colours you specify. In addition, you have 3 different sizes of customized food paper for your needs:

• 75x100 cm: classic size for the sector.

• 50x75 cm

• 50x37.5 cm

You can combine the different formats into 4 different mixes:

• 2,500 pcs. 75x100 cm

• 1,250 pcs. 75x100 cm / 2.500 pcs. 50x75 cm

• 2,500 pcs. 50x75 cm / 5.000 pcs. 37.5x50 cm

• 500 pcs. 75x100 cm / 2.000 pcs. 50x75 cm / 4.000 pcs. 37.5x50 cm

N.B. The production of paper is subject to an end-of-production tolerance of +/- 15% of the quantity, so the quantity actually produced will be invoiced at the end of production.

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