Food wrapping paper - full ground 2 colours

Food wrapping paper - full ground, suitable for contact with food, is perfect for bars, bakeries, ice cream parlours. Customizable up to 2 colours.


Carta pelleaglio
Cardboard composed of
100 kg
Size or capacity
Standard 75x100 cm

Product customization

  • 250 char. max

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit price You Save
3 €348.82 Up to €12.84
5 €342.40 Up to €53.50
10 €335.98 Up to €171.20
15 €331.70 Up to €321.00
20 €327.42 Up to €513.60
30 €321.00 Up to €963.00

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Informazioni su questo articolo

On you’re sure to find the best sandwiches, sweeties and much more wrap paper for your food packaging needs.

Our Pelleaglio paper, suitable for contact with food, is perfect for wrapping the trays and trays of pastry shops, bars, bakeries, ice cream parlours.

100% Natural

• Incredibile printing

Food wrapping papers

You can choose any cut-sizes for your business needs.

You can also mixing, for example:

• 2.500 pz. 75x100 cm

• 1.250 pz. 75x100 cm / 2.500 pz. 50x75 cm

• 2.500 pz. 50x75 cm / 5.000 pz. 37,5x50 cm

• 500 pz. 75x100 cm / 2.000 pz. 50x75 cm / 4.000 pz. 37,5x50 cm

N.B. Paper production is subject to an end of production tolerance of +/- 15% of the quantity, therefore at the end of production the quantity actually produced will be invoiced.

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