Salad container C750

Salad container C750

ideal for pasta and salads, customizable with your 4-color logo, even across the surface with your graphics.


Cardboard composed of
Size or capacity
Ø 14,5 x Ø 12,7 x 6 cm

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50.

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Streetfood, bistros, patisseries, takeaways, pizzerias, takeaways, prêt-à-porter, prêt-à-manger, fast food, street vendors, fast food, hot meals, fry, cocktail bars, sushi bars, restaurants, catering, lunches by air, supermarkets, sandwich shops, bakeries, boulangeries. Avoid closing the package if it contains ingredients that are still hot, the steam could, creating condensation, do not show the contents.

Recommended for appetizers, starters, main courses, salads, pastas, desserts that contain liquids, sauces, condiments.

Customizable at 360 ° with your graphic and / or logo in four colors, so you can remember and run your logo (especially on take away) thus favoring the brand of your company, making you more visible potentially increased your chances of sale. Cover included.

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