Box for sandwiches and fries 12x10x7 cm - to be customized

Boxes model "take panini", cases, ideal for taking away sandwiches, sandwiches, hamburgers, fries. With side holes to prevent condensation.


Straight cardboard
Cardboard composed of
Size or capacity
12x10x7 cm

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30 €256.80 Up to €10,307.98

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Informazioni su questo articolo

Boxes to custom for hot dog, hamburger , bbq wings, onion rings and more.

Case closure, with fast assembly automatic bottom, ideal for taking away sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, nuggets, mozzarella fries, croquettes.

With side holes to prevent condensation, it can be customized in full color on the entire surface. You can put your logo and any type of graphics you have designed.

The flat cardboard is polythene, suitable and certified for direct contact with food.

These boxes are ideal for carrying out the takeaway service for your burger shop and sandwich shop, but also for slices of cake, cupcakes and muffins.

Not just for food

These boxes can be adapted to any use. Have you ever thought about a box for a bathing suit? Or for a nice scarf, soaps and much more!

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