Rectangular Container 250 ml

Rectangular Container 250 ml - Luxury series

Vivipack Luxury Series Container - 250 ml in PET.

They are ideal for cold foods. Try them to package mushrooms preserved on oil, or for pistachos and pumpkins seed. They are clear and resistant, a valid support for your business.


Cardboard composed of
Size or capacity
110x120x37 mm

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Quantity Unit price You Save
2 €28.23 Up to €0.74
4 €27.68 Up to €3.69
10 €27.12 Up to €14.76
12 €26.75 Up to €22.14
20 €26.39 Up to €44.28
30 €25.83 Up to €83.03

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Vivipack Luxury Series Container - 250 ml

Walking to the supermarket between the counters full of fresh products, cheeses, meats and fruit, they are always there, to preserve your choice.

They are transparent and functional, their use is so simple and present in our daily life to the point that we could define them as invisible, but indispensable.

We are talking about the Vivipack containers, which in their vast sizes are able to satisfy any need, from fruit and vegetables to fishmongers, from gastronomy to dried fruit. They feature a knurled tongue for easier grip. Ideal for cold foods, their hermetic seal ensures that even the most greasy and humid foods do not spill.

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