Polythene cardboard cones for fried foods 20x21 cm - Customized

The cardboard cone is the ideal solution for serving French fries, fish, onion rings, battered vegetables etc. Made of polythene cardboard, it has dimensions of 20x21 cm and is customizable with your logo or design from 1 to 4 colors, and perfect for restaurants, pubs, birthday parties and other events. The cones are self-assembling, delivered flat, close quickly thanks to assisted folds and an integrated tab.


Cardboard + PE
Pieces per carton
Size / Capacity
20x21 cm
Production tolerance
+/- 15%

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit price You Save
13 €95.70 Up to €49.76
15 €95.70 Up to €86.13
17 €95.70 Up to €130.15
22 €95.70 Up to €252.65
25 €95.70 Up to €358.88
25 €95.70 Up to €370.84
30 €95.70 Up to €488.07
40 €95.70 Up to €765.60

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

Total budget

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About this article

The cone is a product made of polythene cardboard. Its size of 20x21 cm makes it suitable for holding a variety of fried foods, such as French fries, fish, onion rings, battered vegetables, and other delicious street food options. It allows customers to enjoy their favorite fried foods on the street. The cardboard cone for fried food can be customized with your logo or design, up to a maximum of 4 colors, to promote your brand and offer a unique brand experience to your customers.

Our cardboard cones are designed to provide a quick and easy assembly experience. When you receive the cones, you will notice that they are delivered flat, ready to be assembled. The key to ease of assembly lies in the assisted folds, which are already predefined on the cardboard.

To close the cone, follow these instructions:

1. Start by positioning the cone facing the inside (without printing) so that the assisted folds are visible and accessible.

2. Fold along the predetermined lines gently. You'll notice that the cardstock responds easily to assisted folds, making the process smooth.

3. To complete the assembly, close the cone with the help of an integrated tab. The tab is designed to securely lock the cone, ensuring a stable and secure structure.

This self-erecting design not only simplifies the assembly process, but also ensures a sturdy final structure without the need to use glues or other additional materials.

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