Brown Circular Baking Cups n.8 (ø58x h27 mm)

The Brown Circular Baking Cups n.8 (ø58x h27 mm) are ideal for all your pastries such as muffins and cup cakes and biscuits. 


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ø58x h27 mm
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    Brown Circular Baking Cups  n.8 (ø58x h27 mm)
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    Our Brown Circular Baking Cups ø31x h18 mm are the product solutions to save time, insure cleanliness for your food product and to package and show them in the best way in the display case or dessert tray. These Fluted Paper Cases are ideal for all your baked goods, including truffles, candies, cupcakes, and pastries!

    The product is available in other sizes.