Boxes and cones for chips, fish and nuggets

On you will find many chip cone with dipping pocket, box for onion rings, croquettes and much more. Customizable with your graphics.

  • Cones for fried

    Cones for fried

    Our range of fried cones includes cones of various sizes and in different materials. The cones are suitable for French fries, fish, onion rings, fried vegetables and all kind of fries. They are also very suitable for light snacks and fingerfoods. They are completely for food use and they absorbe the oils and fat in a surprising way. Our cones are available in both neutral and customizable versions with your logo and/or graphics.

  • Chips Holder

    Chips Holder

    Bags and boxes ideal for chips, chicken wings, fried fish, vegetables, croquetes and much more. Their elegant shapes also allows the packaging of sweet foods such as cookies and pastries.

  • Box for fried food

    Box for fried food

    Our range of fried boxes includes containers of different sizes, material and shapes, ideal to take away and packaginf sweets but also hot and fried foods.

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