On packaging-online.it you will find a large number of transparent and paper bags, bags, cutlery trays and TNT shopping bags that can be personalized with your logo and / or your graphics.

  • Paper bags


  • Bag for food and cured meat

    Envelopes made with Mirror paper, a high quality wrapping able to keep the freshness of the product longer thanks to the layer of metallised polypropylene that protects against UV rays and moisture. Ideal for cold cuts and fresh foods

  • Polypropylene clear bag for food

    Polypropylene clear bag for food 

    On Packaging-online.it you will find many sizes of clear bag for food with side gusset bags. You can customize the bags with your graphic design up to 1 colour or choose our bags without customize or generic graphic design.

  • Sacchetti Polipropilene generici stampati

    Generic printed polypropylene bags

    On Packaging-Online you will find the generic printed polypropylene bags ideal for confectionery and bakery products such as biscuits and brioches.

  • Kraft shopping bags

    Kraft shopping bags

  • Compatible bags


    Bags in mater-bi compostable personalized with your graphics

  • Compostable shopping bags in rolls

    Compostable shopping bags in rolls

    Compostable shopping bags in PLA with and without handle.

  • Foglietti HD e PP
  • Food vacuum bags


    On Packaging-Online.it you can find smooth or embossed vacuum bags, for food and not, suitable for all sectors such as butchers, fruit and vegetables, industries, pasta factories, dairies, etc. as the great strength allows it to be used with all the packaging machines on the market.

  • Cutlery envelopes

    Cutlery envelopes

    On Packaging-Online.it you can find custom paper cutlery envelopes with your logo already complete with napkins.

  • Sacchetti spremi crema (Sacca à Poche)

    Cream squeezer bags (Sacca à Poche)

    On Packaging-Online you can find the Sacche à Poche, disposable cream squeezing bags in polyethylene to decorate cakes and desserts.
    Used in confectionery with the help of spouts or without.


    Trash bags

    On Packaging-Online.it you will find different types of trash bags available in black and transparent. The packs for sale can also contain hundreds of pieces, ideal format for hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other companies.

  • tnt shopping bag


    On Packaging-Online.it you will find bags and bags in non-woven fabric with handles, ideal for transporting products. They can be neutral or customizable with your logo or graphics, even on the entire surface.

  • Cotton shoppers - Four-color printing

    Cotton Shoppers - Four-color printing

    Cotton shoppers - Four-color printing
    200g white cotton shoppers.
    The product can be customized in four colors on the entire surface.
  • Glasses Cases - Thermoprinting 1 side

    Glasses Cases - Thermoprinting 1 side

    Glasses cases in white or black fabric. The product can be customized on 1 side in thermoprinting.

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