Automatic sleeve Sealing Shrink Packager TBSE6040A+ST6040A

Heat sealer separated to the shrink tunnel. Ideal for packing bottles, boxes or cans.

Data sheet

Cardboard composed of
Delivery in
90 working days
Welding bar
L600xH400 mm
Machine dimensions
ST6040A 210x135x190 cm - TBSE6040A 275x84x155 cm
Forno: 21 kW
Velocità di produzione
8-10 pz/min
Dimensione nastro
300 mm
Fardellatrice automatica TBSE6040A+ST6040A
Tax excluded

Total : €15,200.00


Automatic sleeve sealing shrinking packaging equipment is a fully automatic production line integrated with automatic convey, feeding, sealing, cutting, and shrinking, especially suitable for large, unitary counted case (box or can) bottom tray packaging such as can, bottle etc When encased with PE or PVC shrink film, and complete its shrink packaging. After finished the packaging, the products appeared neatness, compact and good for long transport.


Seal size: 600 x 400 h mm

Machine size: 210 x 135 x 190 cm

Conveyor width: 300 mm


Tunnel size: 180 x 60 x 40 cm

Machine Size: 275 x 84 x 155 cm

Heater power: 21 KW

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