Coordinate lines

Our packaging lines for take away and holidays designed to make your products recognizable with a coordinated and unified graphics. Discover our coordinated products: shoppers, glasses, kraft bags and generic solutions without customization but with an aesthetic that will remain in the minds of your customers.

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Double opening paper envelope L 17x17 cm - General Print

From   €46.88   Pieces per carton: 2000

The 17x17 cm grease paper bags with double side L-shaped opening are perfect for holding sandwiches, croissants, hamburgers, donuts, pastries and sandwiches. Made of high quality white paper, they are personalized with generic "I want good things" graphics.

A tolerance of +/- 20% on production is foreseen.

Kraft paper envelope without handle 14,5x5x28,5 cm - General Print

From   €17.50   Pieces per carton: 1000

Kraft paper envelope without handle in the 14.5x5x28.5 cm size customized with generic graphics "I want good things". Ideal for food and takeaway and to wrap sandwiches, croissants, toast or any gastronomic product of your restaurant.